Vardagens Anatomi (2023)

“De tätt upprepade bomullsöglorna ger tyget en mycket god absorberingsförmåga.
Öglorna skapar en volym till ytan. Mellan varje bomullstråd skapas små rumsligheter som kan fyllas med vatten.”

Vardagens Anatomi (The Anatomy of Everyday) is a performance that invites you to experiences on the border between laundry room boredom and the absurd doors of everyday life that lead you on to the daily dance of the dish glove and two centimeters of toothpaste two times a day. A piece about the hustle and bustle and the pleasure and the resistance. The performance is created by the dancers Emilia Wärff and Ida Kjällquist and the textile artist Helena Pernow.

Idea and concept Emilia Wärff, Ida Kjällquist and Helena Pernow
Scenography and object Helena Pernow
Choreography Ida Kjällquist and Emilia Wärff
Light Åsa Holtz
Music Gustav Lejelind
Music “Carbonara” Gustav Lejelind and Lovisa Mattisson
Choreographic assistance Katarina Eriksson and Anna Westberg
Graphic design Emilia Wärff
Photo Sebastian Waldenby and Theo Rosengren

Stills from performance at Konstepidemin October 2023, by Theo Rosengren.