LÄNGTAN (2021)

Curatorial work
With Tove Starfelt, Sofia Styx, Linnea Dalstand

Exhibition artists: Anni Foglert, Hållams Linnea Henriksson, Jonas-Petter Wallner, Guillaume Klein, Elvira Jönsson, Alva Noreen, Sara-Li Borg, 

Annelie Grimwade Olofsson
, Ingvild Davidsen, Jo Andersson

The exhibition took place in an old water reservoir, whose purpose was once to extinguish fires and provide the city of Gothenburg with water in emergency situations. After a year of distance, due to the pandemic, we were thirsty for culture, emotions, physical encounters and closeness. 


Photos by Frej Hedenberg

Work by Ingvid Davidsen

Work by Elvira Jönsson

Work by Jo Andersson

Work by Hållams Linnea Henriksson